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About Sunrise Estate Sales
Sunrise Estate Sales
Sparks Hunt Valley Baltimore, MD 21152

Phone Number: (443) 834-4148

Sunrise Estate Sales has over 20 years experience with antiques, collectibles, artwork and general sales. As a family-owned service, we have expertise in many specific areas: furniture, china, linens, artwork, glassware, time pieces and others. Our employees are experienced, courteous, considerate and highly proficient. Sunrise will take all the work and emotion out of handling your entire estate, while maximizing on time and revenue.

There are many reasons why the family home may need to be sold and the possessions liquidated such as the death of a loved one, a "life changing" event with the need for a smaller residence or the need for professional health care.

There are several approaches, but it is a proven fact that an in-home estate sale is the best option for selling valued personal property (antiques, collectibles, art, jewelry, silver, crystal, china, furniture, rugs, etc.). Families and executors need to take into consideration a number of important things:

TIME - it will take a considerable amount of time to organize a successful sale.
DETACHMENT - selling family heirlooms and memories can be very difficult.
PRICING - a wide range of knowledge will be needed to price antiques, art, collectibles, and every day household items.
EQUIPMENT - display cases, display shelving, tables and covers, professional street signs, etc.
EXPERIENCE - knowledge of how to run a successful estate sale such as placing ads, times and days to hold the sale.
ENERGY - moving furniture, packing and unpacking boxes, arranging and pricing of items.
SELLING - being comfortable and knowledgeable negotiating with dealers, strangers, even neighbors and family.

Our home office is located in Sparks, MD and we handle sales throughout the area: Baltimore, York, Cockeysville, Reisterstown, Westminster, Hampstead, Catonsville, Towson and most other areas.

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