employment practices

Why is a Job redesign grant required

Encourage employers to use progressive employment practices such as job redesign, age management, and flexible work schedules to benefit Singaporeans.

Who is eligible to apply?

If a company is legally registered and integrated in Singapore, it can apply for work. This includes charitable organizations as well as voluntary welfare institutions, as well as societies as well as non-profit institutions.

The job redesign grant is needed to boost your company’s productivity by using cutting-edge innovation at a low cost. This is your chance to review and reorganize your company’s job allocation and increase manpower productivity and job satisfaction.

By automating the company’s operations, their solution allows users to work more efficiently. Workers could indeed quickly learn to do their repetitive tasks on either a computer monitor with extendable font sizes for a clearer view with just a few minutes of training.

With the assistance of technology, experienced employees can avoid overworking, stress, and tension, resulting in improved personal health and increased productivity. The approach to ensuring the safety of your employees is to avoid any potential machine failures that could endanger their health and safety.


Aside from the benefits listed above, an Erp can be tailored to your company’s needs of distinct departments’ employees. Furthermore, reports and analyses could be set up to be produced at regular intervals with high accuracy, assisting in the business based on the transparent process throughout the company.

What is the value of the grant?

Your business can submit various apps with suggested job redesign solutions to various groups of valuable employees.