Banarasi Silk Saree Is Really A More Affordable Option

Saree is the manifestation of flexibility, grace, Beauty, and relaxation. There are as many designs and draping techniques entails in saree fashion. Many varieties of sarees can be found in India ranging from simple cotton handloom weaves to richly embroidered bridal sarees like banarasi saree, Opera, Kanjeevaram, Sambalpuri, Zardosi etc. A banarasi saree is famous as richly woven saree and a banarasi saree is the most treasured tenure of any Indian woman. These sarees are popular across the fashion world due to its intricate weaving. Banarasi sarees became popular during the time of Mughal Kingdom when Muslims weaver and craftsman picked Banaras as the place which combined well with their culture and began weaving Banarasi silk sarees. The sarees are among the best sarees in India and are known for their silver and gold brocade and its magnificent drape is perfect for the joyful moments like weddings and other traditional events. There are few kinds of banarasi saree and they are katan, shatter, organza kora and georgette.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Katan is a plain woven cloth with pure silk Threads is made up of 2 thread twisted together. Katan is generally used for warp and light fabrics. Shatter is another cloth which used in creating Exclusive and modern designs of banarasi sarees. It is finely soft cloth with simple and plain weave. This fabric is made from fine threads, based on layouts banarasi sarees can be broken up into groups like jangle, rancho, cut work or jamdani, tissue, and batida. This unique saree is woven by vibrant silk threads. It is intricate jangle patterns in form of jangle vegetation motif scrolls and spreads throughout the length of the saree which distinguishes it from other banarasi sarees. Unique designs make this saree choose the wedding ceremonies.

Beautiful paisleys design makes thisĀ banarasi silk saree Suitable for wedding ceremonies. The pallu of the saree often decorated with big themes of paisleys while the edge is amazing with criss-cross patterns. These sarees are expensive because of their moment cutwork design. This sarees are ready by cutwork technique on plain feel. Most popular motifs that are featured in cut work sarees are jasmine, marigold flowers, creepers and leaves. Particular patterns of cut work sarees are made from selvage to selvage that becomes similar to the layouts of Jamdani. Delicately woven sarees with gold zari weft adds Sheen to these tissue sarees and thus it is also called golden cloth. You can see tissue saree designed with mainly golden zari woven lotus floating in a luminous pond, where water drops are designed with cut-work technique. The edge and the pallu of the saree are patterned with self-woven paisleys that makes this saree an exceptional style to carry. 6.