painting class


There are many studies on how art, especially that which is more participatory or includes several people, improves self-esteem, increases satisfaction with achievements, and helps to overcome periods of personal loss. Especially the practice of painting class singapore or group activities, such as theatrical, choral or artistic exhibitions or presentations, reduces anxiety, lifts our spirits and makes us feel socially included.

Give a purpose to life:

Giving meaning to life is important to older people, especially if they spent most of their younger years defined by a career or raising children and running a home. Once those responsibilities are removed, older people can sometimes develop an uncertainty about their purpose later in life. Creative activities, such as writing, painting, or knitting, foster a sense of competence, purpose, and growth , all of which contribute to aging. When artistic creations can be presented, displayed or given away, that feeling that we have a purpose in life is more marked.

Improves and maintains mental ability, including memory:

For older adults with or without mental impairment like Alzheimer’s or dementia, the benefits of art include the participatory modality, which¬† can help improve cognitive functioning, communication, reasoning skills, memory and creative thinking. We know that our brain can learn new disciplines at any age. This is due to the amazing ability of neurons to establish new paths or routes through which to carry information. Once we create that “path”, we have learned something new. Keeping those routes active ensures a healthy brain.

Finally, creating, displaying or contemplating a work of art is fun, even more so if it is shared with peers. And beyond the benefits of art, from a therapeutic point of view there is nothing better than a little fun to feel good.